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Well this is a question you may be asking yourself and within good reason, as did we. If you will please let me begin by sharing my journey in answering this question with you.

It all goes back to the first hot yoga class any of us have ever taken, wearing the “average” yoga pants...... you know the ones, the black, cropped and fitted ladies yoga pants you get from the average sports store and if you're anything like me you may have opted for the "sexy low rise" option.

You walk into the yoga studio in your yoga pants with a matching (or not so matching) tank or breathable top, find a free space to roll out your mat and listen to the tranquil sounds as you wait for the practice to begin. 

The teacher walks in.....gracefully of course, as they always do, akin to the way a giraffe might glide across the African Savanna. She embarks on guiding the class through their warm ups, focusing on their breath and setting their class intention. With your mind now clear and focused on harmony the instructor leads the class into the first downward facing dog. This is where the wheels of your best intentions of peacefulness slowly begin to fall off.......

As the instructor proceeds with her cues for the foundation of the perfect downward facing dog all you can focus on is the fact that your seemingly ideal or commonly worn yoga pants are creeping down the back of you, threatening to reveal your not so thoughtfully picked out g-banger or worst case scenario....”plumbers butt” Irritated, you begin to wonder if you are the only victim of this annoyance. 

Luckily we are not left here long enough to dwell and we start moving through our first few rounds of vinyasas where we manage to forget all ....let go ... and valiantly bring our awareness back to our breath. This focused, meditative state does not last long as we eventually move into our first side angle pose where our unforgiving yoga pants dig into our sides and give way to our embarrassed belly which has nowhere else to go from lack of support from our yoga pants and bending forward thigh. Now i don't care how flat stomached you are, I know you know what i am talking about here because with all my lady lumps my stomach is the body part I am able to wear with most pride..........This is an uncompromising pose no matter what your body shape.

As you continue through the class from uncompromising to not so uncompromising poses you might manage to bounce back and forth between moments of equilibrium. Its not until the heat cranks up & your legs start to itch due to the sweat being trapped in with nowhere to run that these moments of equilibrium completely disappear.

Determined to push through for the love of the benefits of hot yoga you may decide to try relieve yourself from the itch of the heat by taking your tank off. Having done this and anticipating the next belly bulging posture you decide to try and yank your yoga pants up only to produce the unsightly camel this point you are officially over it.
Yip, it’s true: a badly designed pair of yoga pants can ruin your favorite yoga class.

So as in love with yoga as us Spirit Girls are we had to search for a more suitable pair of yoga pants. Through our research we realized the different, breathable eco friendly fabrics out there and that we had to bring this to Mamma Africa. We decided to use PET (recycled plastic bottles) woven with spandex to create the ultimate yoga pants: breathable, comfortable, moisture wicking and quick drying.

Be warned...... the first time we tried yoga pants made of this fabric they where so light weight that we almost felt naked and afraid to leave the house. Before making a final decision we had to test them out in a studio environment and this is where we fell IN LOVE. The four-way stretch fabric gives you complete freedom of movement, while the flattering design hugs the curves of your body. That means no more uncomfortable ‘digging in’ or over exposing and the double layered gusset prevents the-err “camel toe”. So be brave spirit sisters and order your Spiritgirl yoga pants today, we know you will love them as much as we do!

Remember these yoga pants come in exciting custom designs, allowing you to express yourself & give back to the environment. These quick drying yoga pants are not only ideal for yoga but also cycling, hiking and water sports.Take a look at our beautiful designs here