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We’re helping to save the ocean. Join us!

Through our partnership with Ocean Co., Spiritgirl has committed to funding the collection of 1kg of ocean-bound plastic for each swimsuit sold, while supporting livelihoods in coastal regions around the world where plastic pollution is worst.

The ocean is a place that we all share, so it's important to us too. That’s why our sustainable fabric made from TOPGREEN recycled polyester (recycled plastic bottles) woven with spandex is water-resistant and quick drying giving you comfort during your next swim or surf session without sacrificing style points!

The four-way stretch offers an excellent range of movement for any activity--even if it's diving deep into wave after endless set.

The fabric is UPF50 protected thus reducing your skin exposure to ultraviolet rays significantly. 

We sublimated print the designs to the fabric to create brilliant bold colours that will not run or fade over time. This is a more eco-friendly printing method as minimal water is required for printing than in other printing processes.  Therefore fewer dyes enter our water systems. 

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