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With summer steadily rolling in we realize that we are going to have to start shedding off the layers that we have so cosily been cloaking ourselves in as the season of comfort food and TV series slowly starts to step aside. We get it, you want to work out and feel the benefits of good health but its oh SO hard when its still dark and chilly before and after work. This is why we have put this list of together of 7 simple ways for you to stay fit as summer approaches so that we can all blossom our way through spring.

1. Turn your workout into a commute or invest in an alarm that stimulates sunrise.
If you are not lucky enough to be able to cycle or jog to work, consider hopping off the bus or train a few stops earlier, you will be surprised how many calories those miles add up to at the end of the week. Again we get it, this may still not be an option so this is where we recommend waking up early and investing in an alarm that stimulates sunrise. It will gradually light the room before the set time, allowing you to rise gently and start your day by going favourite yoga or gym class. This way you can beat the traffic and have your work out behind you, leaving you ready to tackle the day whilst everyone is still waking waking up. It will also promote earlier nights and improved sleep. Setting your clothes aside the night before is crucial for this healthy routine.
Sunrise Alarm Clock
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2. Active TV viewing.
OK so you are not ready to quit that TV series you are so into so why not get hold of a jump rope or any old rope and do some skipping reps. According to the Compendium of Physical Studies, jumping rope for 10 minutes can burn as many calories as jogging at an eight-minute-per-mile pace. It comes as no surprise that experts call the jump rope the best all-around piece of workout equipment you can own. A few reps of 100 would be a great start, try separating the reps by holding plank pose for a minute. For more ideas check out the link here at Shape for a 20 minute jump rope workout.

3. Hiking or dog walking.
Make a plan to go hiking with friends on the weekend, not only will you be safety in numbers but the commitment will make it less likely for you to flake out. This way you get to take in the scenery and get your workout in without compromising your social life. No where to hike, then make sure to take the dog out for a walk everyday and if you don't have a dog then offer to walk a friend or neighbors for them. I assure you there are many people with hectic schedules that would be extremely grateful for this and so would their pooches. 

4. Indoor fitness apps. 
All you need to do is go onto google and do some research on home or indoor workouts to find out whats best for you, there is an abundance of free workouts online. Alternatively, you could purchase a DVD of your choice or a subscription to a yoga channel. My personal favorite at the moment is Kayla Itsines, its only 30 minutes a day, three times a week and after 9 weeks of following her program, I am feeling fitter and stronger than ever. 

5. Stair climbing.

Running or walking up and down the stairs in your house or apartment building can be a fantastic high intensity cardio and leg workout. Consider walking intervals every few floors, i.e walk the length of the garden or hallway and back before resuming your ascent. For added intensity try climbing a couple steps at a time, sprinting a few flights or doing a few push ups or jumping jacks between reps.


6. Team Up. 
The advantages of having workout partners are endless and can often be the difference between failure and success, so find yourself a workout partner or more by recruiting family and friends. If you struggle to find someone to do this with there are many meet up groups for fitness and all kinds in an area near you on I personally have just completed week 9 out of 12 of the Kayla Itsines series and there is no doubt that I would not have achieved this had I not had my workout partner on the same journey.

The benefits of teaming up to name just a few:

      • Help you achieve your fitness goals.

      • Working out becomes fun.

      • Competition makes for better performance.

      • Motivates and supports you.

      • Increases commitment massively.


7. Purchase new activewear.
Lastly... please avoid wearing baggy clothes all winter, ever heard of the term “enclothed cognition,” it suggests that the clothing a person wears can trigger mental changes that positively affect their performance. For a slick fit on activewear check out our range of eco friendly workout leggings / yoga pants here.

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