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#Repost @hanliprinsloo ・・・ Only in the water...

#Repost @hanliprinsloo
Only in the water... - Spiritgirl Activewear
#Repost @hanliprinsloo ・・・ Only in the water does my bump feel natural and my body respond the way I’m used to. The last months have been such an intense internal journey of discovery and (all types of!) growth. 8 months ago when Peter and I found out about our little swimmer we were in the South Pacific hanging out with humpback whales... fast forward to these last weeks of her time inside me and the world looks mighty different to the one she was conceived into. We are truly living in a time of swimming in uncertainty. This virus is not just a threat to health it’s a spotlight on our humanity. How ill prepared we are for volatility and how quickly we err on the side of judgment, fear and division. Be smart, be informed but also be kind and generous whenever you can. 📷 @petermarshallphoto