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Spiritgirl recently held a 10 day Instagram challenge with the theme "Spirited Life", where we challenged participants to post a daily photo representing what they interpreted this to be in order to win a pair of Spiritgirl eco-friendly yoga pants. The total amount of participants was not plentiful but we consider the challenge a success due to the amount of enjoyment experienced.

When we initiated the challenge we assumed participants would post mostly images of themselves being active in some sort of sporty manner and although some posts consisted of such idea the rest were more varied. Spiritlife participants shared daily thoughts, reflections and feelings with us on a very intimate level in all sorts of unique and colorful ways. It is due to this that we are happy with our decision of leaving the terms of the challenge open for freedom.

A collage of entries from intimate moments to healthy eating choices and spirited activities.

We learnt from this challenge that despite the fact that we want to live healthy, active and good spirited lives it is harder to do without some sort of commitment and support group and that our lives are enriched when we stop and take time out to give gratitude or open to grace. With that being said the importance of a tribe, be it a sisterhood or brotherhood was reiterated. We all want to be part of a tribe, not just a family or partnership but more. Spiritgirl have our own little Spirit Tribe on Instagram and we are so grateful to our followers who have followed our journey and shared their stories with us.....we feel you. 

At the end of the 10 days we put the names of participants who posted consistently into a paper bag and pulled the lucky winner at random. We had entries reaching worldwide but the winner was a local South African girl @love_living_lifestyle from our very own Cape Town, congratulations to her and all for managing to post all their 10 posts. We hope she loves her Spiritgirl Workout Leggings as much as we do!

Below the entries from our lucky winner @love_living_lifestyle
SpiritLife WInner

We also felt so much love for all our participants that we couldn't help but offer them 20% discount off any Spiritgirl bottoms should they wish.

To view the full album of the Spiritlife Challenge you can click the Facebook Album or type in the hashtag #spiritgirl_activewear on Instagram, it shows just how colorful a Spirited Life can look.

Namaste Spirit Tribe!