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THE FOOTPATH TO FREEDOM - Spiritgirl Activewear

There’s a harmonious space that exists inside all of us. You may find it when finally pulling off a difficult yoga pose, watching the sun set, or a job well done. Big or small, simple or complex, it manifests itself in life, and we’re constantly seeking it. It's what drives us to go on that road trip, klap that early morning workout, and get up and kick ass every day, and I believe this relates to a simple element.

The nourishment of your spirit.

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Have you ever met someone who seemingly infuses every aspect of life with enthusiasm? They were not born like that; it came about by choice. A choice to positively respond to life.

It’s a beautiful thing, and you'll be hard pressed to cultivate a more empowering mindset. Why? Because it's directly linked to inner peace. What’s more is that everyone and anyone can do it.

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So, when are you at your happiest? For me, it's coastal cruising, wife, and hound in the van, destination vague, but sure to be waves and beauty up ahead. Thing is, this only happens over the weekends! It's during the week which requires creativity to access this treasured mind frame. Most of us are based in an office, so how about some music? It can be a window to another world, and it helps us relive all those good memories. Crank up a tune and raise up your vibes.

Our work plays an immense role in determining our daily enjoyment of life, and if it's not, well, it's a lot trickier to tap into the Zen. I worked for a company for four years and almost lost my soul. Demanding workloads combined with unforgiving superiors and a one size fits all job description, yup that'll do it. I stopped surfing, lost my sense of humour, gained weight, and became rather lifeless. Scary.  It was only through discovering that I'd accepted this environment that I could lift my head from the coal face and make the positive choice to say "enough".

So after I pulled myself back from the brink I asked, "what do I love doing?" and it all boiled down to a single phrase: Live a life of adventure. This decisive moment also unveiled a deep realisation that "I am responsible for my life ". Bang! I was consequently led to another powerful conclusion (yes, another one) and this one was the game changer: "Taking control of your mind and actions gives you the chance to build the life of your dreams." Try saying it to yourself... How good does that feel? In fact, it's the best commitment you can make to yourself. 

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Please, don't get me wrong here, I'm still a way off creating a dream life but I've put my feet on the path and wholeheartedly adopted a mindset which facilitates the change necessary for growth.

There's a beautiful explosion of expressive individuality currently sweeping through our broader society. Have you noticed? The arts are being appreciated and supported, and there are platforms for everyone, doing anything, from which to create and share. I have a friend who sews and knits incredibly detailed embroidery art pieces onto vintage tennis racquets! Truly inspirational in the sense that through pursuing her passion, she created a career.

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So I ask... "What do YOU love doing?" Choose 3 things, anything you like. Now integrate them bit by bit into your daily life until it occupies enough of a space to have a positive impact. Have fun with it! You may just strike gold and find that harmonious space you’ve been searching for.

As my good friend always says “if not, why not?”

Written by: Brett Shearer

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