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When we’re truly connected to the Earth and Nature, we naturally make wise decisions based on our inner awareness of what would be most beneficial for us and the living world we inhabit.  It’s through losing our connection with Nature that we’ve lost our way. How can we re-establish our connection to the Earth and be part of the solution to the ecological mess we’ve gotten ourselves into?

One way is to get into our bodies. Whether running, biking or yoga on the beach is your thing, ignite your instinctive, primordial drive to be fully alive within your earth-suit, get outside and get moving!  Movement not only helps to stimulate blood flow, oxygenating every cell of your body and energizing you, it’s proven medicine for relaxing your mind and supporting your mental health, encouraging more creative thinking and an uplifted mood. 

Walking barefoot on the earth is an excellent way to get grounded and literally earth yourself! 



Connecting with the sounds, scents and beauty of Nature makes us feel good, easing anxiety, restoring our mood and refreshing our souls.

German forester, Peter Wohlleben’s book The Hidden Life of Trees describes the secret language of trees and how they communicate via interconnected root systems.  Trees are able to send electrical signals across a fungal network which has been dubbed the ‘wood wide web’.  This could explain why we’re so drawn to the particular magic of walking in a forest.

In Japan, people have a practice called Forest Bathing, or shinrin-yoku.  The Japanese word shinrin means ‘forest’ and yoku means bath.  So shinrin-yoku means bathing in the forest atmosphere, absorbing the forest through the senses and so connecting to the natural world. Forest Bathing is part of a national public health program in Japan as a form of preventative healing in Japanese medicine.

When Forest Bathing, you need do nothing but be with the trees, be with nature, it’s meant to be effortless, no need to strive, to aim to achieve or do anything. By connecting back to nature, we slow down, reflect and wonder, allowing our thinking to transform into an experience of awe.

Being in a state of awe for the incredible beauty of our living world, we’re more likely to make life-style decisions that support the Earth.   


We’re calling on you to Earth Yourself and commit to making earth-friendly lifestyle decisions!  And to help you do that, we’ve collaborated with 3 amazing eco-incredible brands to create a truly awesome giveaway worth almost R4000! It’s all about getting outdoors and connecting to Nature.  Are you ready?

Here we go!


Back 2 Nature is a growing range of skincare products, inspired by the abundance that nature has to offer us. Handmade in small batches in Cape Town, the range uses ingredients that are sustainably sourced, natural, vegan, mostly organic, contain no chemicals, no alcohol, no fluoride, no parabens, no preservatives and have not been tested on animals.  

We highly recommend their NON-NANO ZINC SUN BLOCK which ensures it’s non-toxic to sea life. It’s also better for your skin as it doesn’t block pores. It’s included in Back2Nature’s hamper of skincare goodies worth R960: 

  • 1 Active Zinc SPF Mineral Sun Block
  • 1 Nature’s Shampoo  
  • 1 Nature’s Conditioner  
  • 1 Skinfood Body Butter  
  • 1 Face Wash  
  • 1 Night Cream  



Spiritgirl is giving away one of their super-cool ECO-SURF SWIMSUITS worth R950.  Their earth-loving activewear uses fabric made from recycled plastic bottles (recycled PET), woven with spandex and custom designs, handpicked to make the ideal activewear for spirited sisters.

This fabric is specially designed to moisture wick from the body and quick dry with a 4-way stretch. The fabric is also 50% UV protected which means the bold graphics won’t fade or run.




Summah are giving away one of their amazing BEACH TOWELS AND A HAND CROCHET MATANNA BAG worth R730.   Perfect for beach days or lazy afternoons next to the pool, Summah brings a sense of inspired luxury to any summertime unwind. Carefully crafted and loomed by artisans in Western Anatolia in Turkey. Using the finest 100% Turkish cotton our towels are every bit durable and absorbent as they are fun.

The hardy, practical nature of the handwoven Turkish cotton towels means they can be used in the home as well; an added print and texture to a neutral or laid-back space. Their towels are multi-functional and practical, fast drying and super light-weight making a perfect travel companion and because of their quality, are made to last a life time. 

  1. 4.KURO-Bō

Unique to KURO-Bō and hand-made from high-quality borosilicate glass (pyrex), our planet-changing Gō-Ecō water bottles are the perfect companions for when you’re out and about.

Much more lightweight, durable and portable than standard glass, they’re available in 2 sizes, 1litre and the compact 550ml with sustainable bamboo lid.  The removable neoprene sleeve doubles up as a sports-grip and insulation, keeping your KURO-Bō naturally purified water cool. We’re giving away a gift pack worth R980: 

  • 1 x Go-Eco 1L Glass Bottle
  • 1 x Go-Eco 550ml Glass Bottle
  • 2 x KURO-Bo Natural Water Filter Koins
  • 1 x 100% Plastic-Free Natural Bottle Brush

To enter click HERE, then head outdoors. Earth is calling you. Let’s answer.